Grist material

Grist material as a sensible alternative

A large part of plastics is directly re-granulated by InnoPlastics, the partner company of InnoRecycling AG, directly at the production site in Eschlikon. Alternatively, certain plastic grades are also recycled into grist materials, which boast their own ecological and economic advantages.

In our partner factory in Winterthur, we produce grist materials of the highest quality. Modern crushing mills paired with sophisticated processes guarantee high standards. For the manufacturing industry and trade, both products (regrind and grist) made from recycled plastic waste are a valuable alternative in the production of new goods today.

Our grist production is based on cooperation with the Labour Foundation, an innovative social company, which helps re-integrate long-term unemployed persons into the labour market. Dock Group AG is committed to helping people who cannot find work in the general labour market, but who still want to work. It is a symbiosis of entrepreneurship and social commitment.