Collection Bag

Act, do not wait!

Nowadays, plastics from private households can already be collected, sorted and recycled. Do you like to contribute to an up-to-date and responsible recycling? Act now and be a part of the solution. Plastic is a sophisticated high-tech material and can be recycled several times. In short, it is too good to throw away after only one use!

“Bring plastics back” is the ambition of InnoRecycling AG no longer to burn, but to meaningfully re-use plastics. For commitment in the field of ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development in terms of ecologically efficient recycling of plastic waste in all over Switzerland, our company was honoured with the sought-after Swiss Ethics Prize in 2015. The network of collection points has quickly spread across the entire country. In over 460 collection and sales points, you can bring your filled collection bag to be recycled today. With more than 80% of plastics being burned in incineration plants, it does not only cost money for companies, but also generates environmentally harmful CO2. To collect plastics makes sense. Both households and the environment will benefit.

Bring Plastic Back